Sunday, June 11, 2006

Transforming the Force

The militaries of both the US and Canada are changing. They are becoming lighter, faster, more self sustaining, more deployable, and more lethal. And I for one am glad.

Now I've never been a big believer in a lot of the new technology that soldiers are always being told to use. I hate most of the new sites and gadgets. They're just extra weight that never gets used. I hate all the laser's that are stuck all over everyone's M-4. Give me a nice CQB site and a back up iron site and I'm pretty happy. Hell, give me some good old iron sites and I'm happy. And I hate the change for the sake of change that goes on during these periods of transition. I never touched any of the MOLLE gear. My modified ALICE worked just great, and I wore my Tactical Tailor MAV chest rig that I ordered from lightfighter from the beginning(of course, I guess that's kind of change for the sake of change as well, but at least no one was trying to force me to wear it!).

But for the missions and wars of this generation and the next, this transformation is absolutely essential. Don't listen to retired generals in the US that scold Mr. Rumsfeld from the safety of retirement. Change is always hard on those who built their lives and careers around a certain way of doing things. Now how will they be able go on CNN and tell everyone what they would have done? They've become outdated, and they don't like it. Make no mistake, the initial invasion of Iraq was brilliant. It will most likely be taught at Military schools and college's for decades to come. And it was done with a fraction of the man power and material that the General's and so called "experts" insisted was necessary.

This new modular force is exactly the kind of thing leaders, from the team leaders like myself, to the Battalion and Brigade commanders, have been hoping for for a long time. Each unit is more self sustained, lighter and more mobile, more easily deployed, and has far more assets at their immediate disposal. The US military is the best it's ever been. People like Jack Murtha would have you believe otherwise for political gain, claiming the military is "worn out" Don't believe a word of it. With the new technologies, new weapons systems, new and better training, and most important, the experienced and courageous soldiers, the US military can and will fight this war and any other they are called upon to fight, and they will win.

And Canadians, don't listen to those in the government and media that seem to believe that the CAF should only be used as "Peacekeepers," or worse, that that's all they're capable of. The Jack Layton's of Canada(Is it something with the name "Jack" that makes these people insane or what? I'm sure there's a research study there somewhere) would like Canadians to believe that the CAF should only be used in missions where there's no chance of anyone actually having to do anything that might be construed as "violent." Apparently they feel that would offend too much of the world's delicate sensibilities, and Canada might not be viewed as everyone's buddy(except the US of course. Can't make it seem like Canada actually likes America or anything). But don't be fooled. The CAF is a viable, highly trained, highly motivated force. They are truly capable of executing any mission, anywhere, at any time. They are courageous warfighters, who are doing a very important job, and doing a damn good job of it too.

They are involved in a tough fight, but don't believe everything you're force fed by the media. Most of the "Taliban offensive" in the South of Afghanistan is really offensive operations by the Canadians and other NATO forces. The media is simply dressing it up as a buildup by the insurgency because there have been more frequent engagements. But the Canadians and NATO forces are initiating most of these contacts as they hunt down these cowards in their homes and along the border. For too long the CAF has been underfunded, ignored, and cut back. Hopefully with the force transformation, that will change. Because these men and women deserve better.

So take heart, all you military supporters and lovers of freedom. All those that feel that islamofacism may well be the single greatest threat to our way of life that has ever been seen. All those that feel the cut and run isolationism that's being preached by so many far left liberals at the moment is pie in the sky lunacy at it's worst. Because the men and women that are willing to put there lives on the line to defend our way of life and the ideals we hold dear are only getting stronger. And that must be a scary thing for our enemies.


Blogger nomdeblog said...

Good post.

The genius of OBL was that he had correctly identified the EU and Clinton as “the weak horse”. As you say, the only thing these radicals understand is power. We need power and have to be prepared to use it. We can’t negotiate with insanity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noticed that you mentioned the Tactical Tailor. The guy's workshop is a few minutes south of my place. Did remember when he was starting up, good to see that he's doing good. Thinking about getting some of the modular vests and pouches for myself. It's an easy way to configure a wearable computer platform, also the thigh rigs are good for carying a large amount of "geek gear". Since I do computer tech work, it's easy just to grab and go.

Besides, you don't look to "nerdish" with those rigs on. I hope.

Icepick the Mad!


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