Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Operation Mountain Thrust

For the Canadians out there, Bill Roggio is currently doing an embed in Afghanistan. He has been with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. He has been giving updates about Operation mountain Thrust.

Bill Roggio, Michael Yon, and others are the journalists that get out there with the troops and tell the public the real story. I only wish that we would have had journalists of this caliber, courageous men and honest men, when I was in Afghanistan or Iraq. Unfortunately, only one person came out to embed with us, the lamentable Geraldo Rivera. He wasn't with us very long however, maybe four days before he was booted from our operation and our unit for doing something that was really pretty damn stupid. We had just set up our company patrol base for the night. It was dark and no one was smoking and doing quite a good job of maintaining light discipline, and guys were just starting to bed down. Suddenly, the entire patrol base was illuminated by floodlights! He and his crew had set up studio lights in our perimeter so they could get a nice, light filled shot! It was unbelievable. Our CO put an end to that pretty quickly, but we still spent the rest of the night expecting to take some indirect at any moment. Needless to say, he was put on a Blackhawk out at first light the next morning.

So when there are good journalists out there like Mr. Roggio and Mr. Yon, we have to support them. So head on over to their sites(I have the links, "Counterterrorism Blog" for Mr. Roggio, "Michael Yon" for Mr. Yon). If you can spare some cash to help the costs of their embeds, I'm sure they'd be grateful. Even if you can't, head on over there and just read what they have to say. These guys are doing everything they can to get the true story out about Iraq and Afghanistan, and we should all do whatever we can to help them in their endeavors.


Blogger Debris Trail said...

Yon is fantastic, especially because he doesn't hesitate to report is "all". Many MSM outlets brush him off as biased in favor of the troops; but I think it's just envy.

I haven't heard how plans for a movie are going; it'd be a must see if it happens.

Blogger Debris Trail said...

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Blogger Frank said...

Awesome military videos, pictures and community at

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

DT-I really hope that at some point they do make a movie about Michael's time with the Deuce Four. As a great friend and supporter of the troops and especially the Deuce Four, I'm sure they could find a good spot in it for Bruce Willis.

Anonymous Grimmy said...

Sometimes you just have to wonder if those folk that infest the ranks of main stream journalism aren't, in fact, proof possitive of an alternate universe that occasionally causes babies to be switched at birth.

These "people" can be so disconnected that I sometimes doubt they're natural born humans.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


What is it with girls fighting?


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