Sunday, June 18, 2006

Myths about the US Military

Over the last few years, I've read and had repeated to me by anti war, anti military elements, many myths about today's Military. Predictably, I've also seen plenty of these myths advanced by the MSM as well. I thought I'd share a few that I'm sure we've all seen and heard numerous times, and then give you the actual facts that contradict these myths. The next time you have someone come up and start spitting any of these at you, hopefully you'll remember this post, and be able to hit them with real facts.

All or most soldiers are rednecks from the South.
In reality, at the end of fiscal year 2003, there were 176,408 soldiers in the force. Of these, 100,467 came from the North or West. 75,941 Came from the South or South West. From my own experience, in my battalion, the only "Southern" states that were highly represented were Texas and Virginia. I personally was born in Michigan, and lived in Canada for about 20 years until I joined the Army. A large number of the people I knew were from Ohio or California. There were two, yes two soldiers from states other than these in the South. In fact, many Virginians don't even consider themselves Southerners. The fact is, the Military is not made up of a bunch of "good ol' boys" from the South.

Minorities are being used as "cannon fodder" on the front lines.
I've heard this one plenty, and in my opinion, it's the dumbest one. It's simply a ploy to call up the Vietnam war, when minorities actually were overrepresented in frontline combat positions. This calling up the ghost of the Vietnam war is a favorite of the anti-war crowd. First off is the obvious fact that it's an all volunteer force, so people sign up on their own, and choose their job on their own.

But let's look at some other facts. The fact is that as of 2006, white Americans made up well over half of the total military force, coming in at 67%, and have so far suffered 74% of the deaths in the GWOT. Minorities make up 33% of the total force, and have suffered only 26% of the deaths in the GWOT. This is due to the fact that an even higher percentage of white American's, over 70%, choose a combat arms role in the Military, and the percentage of white Americans in Special Operations is even higher, over 75%, while for whatever reason, minority soldiers tend to go into support occupations such as health services, which tend to feature valuable job training over bonuses. This is not to say anything about any particular group.

Hell, I always thought the guys that didn't go into the infantry or other combat arms must have been smarter than we were. They sure didn't have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane then go slogging through the mountains or desert for weeks on end with 100+ pounds on their back!

Soldiers are uneducated, or less educated than their peers outside the Military
Pretty much completely untrue. Between 93 and 95% of current soldiers have a high school diploma, compared to 75% for their civilian counterparts. And according to numbers released by the Defense Department, “Nearly two-thirds of today’s recruits are drawn from the top-half of America in math and verbal aptitudes.” Additionally, soldiers are all taught to be leaders, and to operate independently.

From my own experience, I had one soldier who was previously a registered nurse. Two others in my company had IQ's over 150 and were members of Mensa. Two more were had law degrees. Several were published authors and poets. And that was just the enlisted soldiers. One of the Platoon Leaders was a mormom, a graduate of BYU, and had been a missionary in tPhilippinesnes. One was a Russian, who had served in the Russian Army, then came here and completed college. Of course, most were West Point graduates, which is one of the most selective schools in the nation. And these were all Infantry guys. Imagine the soldiers in a computer field or something equally technical. In truth, soldiers of today have to know so many skills that it's ridiculous to think that they are in an way "uneducated."

Recruiting is down
Actually, it's not. In four of the last 5 years, the Army, which usually struggles a little more in recruiting, has met and exceeded it's goal for active duty recruits. For 2004, the Army's active duty goal was 77,00. They exceeded that by nearly 600. During the same 5 year period, The Navy, Airforce, and Marine Corps met or exceeded their recruiting goal. Oh, by the way, they've all done that every year since the terrorist attacks of September 11th. As for the numbers for this year. The Army made 104% of it's goal for March. The Air Force and Navy, 100%. The Marines, 102%.

These are the ones that I hear the most. As you can see, they're all pretty much rubbish. I'm sure you've noticed that the anti-war/anti military crowd thinks they've found something, they like to stick with it, even if it's proven to be completely untrue. So hopefully the next time one of these people come up to you and give you one of these lines, you'll have the ammo to at least shut them up for a few seconds.

Edit:The comments section is freezing my computer. So I'll just end my comments here. Besides, I don't know why I was arguing on my own blog anyway.


Blogger SUZANNE said...

Thanks for your post. It was eye-opening.

Blogger Debris Trail said...

What about the "high suicide" rate in the US military. It's been floated several times in the MSM, then after some research, it turns out that suicide rates in the US military are lower than in the general population.

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

Good call DT. That's another one, and you already hit the nail on the head. The suicide rate among soldiers is far lower than the actual population.

Anonymous Ryan said...

Nice post. Just one critique though.

I think the term "redneck", when used by the Left, generally refers to any working class, white male who didn't attend a prestigious eastern university, doesn't espouse "progressive thought" and isn't an ardent supporter of the Democrates. As opposed to the geographic definition you've used.

So, by that definition thre probably are more "rednecks" in the army.

Anonymous davie said...

Back in the late 50s & early 60s, (while attending highschool in Goose Bay, Labrador), I had some very close friends among the Airmen, (mostly), of the 101 Airborne.
My buddy from Arkansas, told me that he never wore shoes until he joined the Air Force.......
Decent, interesting people-every last one of them! But they were drafted, and I never was. I got friends-here in Canada- who went to the States and VOLUNTEERED to serve in Viet Nam, (some of those never came back,too!)
All politics and values aside- I don't like my friends getting wounded & killed- that's one very heavy price to pay, for what you believe in.
I read a lot of things, about anti-Americanism in Canada- never heard a word of this, among anybody I call my friends. (And as a matter of fact- most of the folks I hang with, are just as welcome and just as comfortable in the US of A- as we are right here!
We may not always agree on some things- so what?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly redneck; speaking truth to power is reserved for your betters.

Anonymous Plato's Stepchild said...

I salute you, sir. A brilliant post. And encouraging for those of us with influence over the career choices of young men.

Anonymous CanForce 101 said...

Combat Jump Star:

Interesting post!

Thank you for your service!

Blogger MCPO Airdale said...

My 30 years of experience in the U.S. Navy reflects the reality of your post. The minority breakdown for the USN is similar with minorities reading for occupations that have great opportunity post service.

Most (60-70%) of E-8 and E-9s in the Navy have at least an Associate degree. By 2008, just to compete for those rates, you will have to have an Associate or Bachelor degree, repectively.

The left continues to cling to an image of the military they formed in 1968.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your myth-busting. In the interest of complete truth, I have more questions:

1. Please cite your source for the size and makeup of the U.S. force.

2. What percentage of the U.S. force is college educated, compared with the U.S. population as a whole? Again, please cite sources.

3. Please give the recruiting goals for the Army (active and reserve), the Marine Corps (active and reserve) and the National Guard for 2002 through 2005, and the actual numbers recruited. Be sure to include any changes made to those goals. Cite sources.

4. Please tell us how the financial incentives have been changed for enlistment and re-enlistment since 2002. Cite sources.

5. Please tell us what changes have been made in recruiting standards, and separation standards, since 2002. Cite sources.

Anonymous Viet Vet said...

Let's put down one more myth that you repeat. The belief that "minorities actually were overrepresented in frontline combat positions." Please go to < > and scroll down to see that "86% of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasians, 12.5% were black, 1.2% were other races."

Blogger jay stevens said...

I retired from the U.S. Army about ten years ago. Although there were no formal requirements for college, even then you needed at least an Associate degree to be competitive for selection to E-8 or E-9 in any non-combat arms MOS. You also needed time in leadership positions - platoon sergeant, first sergeant, team chief, etc. Some time - but not too much - as an instructor in a service school helps.

I was teaching the same kind of material to first term soldiers as I later had in a 300 level computer architecture class.

Many civilians do not realize that the days of the dumb grunt are long gone.

anonymous: Get off your butt and do your own research.

jay stevens
Ordnance weenie, Ret.

Blogger Don Miguel said...

Most Texans don't consider themselves southerners either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yea, they be citizens of that Great Republic, Texas. May their BBQ be hot, may their beers be cold, may their handguns be Colt Government .45's.

Combatjumpstar, I have yet to meet a stupid soldier. Stupid civilians, would be a different story.

Icepick the Mad!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous: Get off your butt and do your own research.

"Jump Star" should document his claims.

Blogger jay stevens said...

I do not want to hijack your thread on YOUR blog, but back to anonymous:

I suspect CJS's "claims" are in conflict with your own perceptions. So I repeat," Get off you butt ..." and prove him - and the rest of us - wrong.

Actually, you do not have to get off your butt. DoD (that's milspeak for Dept. of Defense) has published reams and reams of statistics from annual, biennial, and quadrennial manpower reviews. Most of this data is nonclassified and available online. So sit down in front of your computer with your beverage of choice, crank up your search engine of choice, and start looking.

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

Actually rather easily done. Some of your questions have nothing to do with my post, so I'm not expanding the commentary simply to make you happy. Most of my info came from a defenselink PDF file.

My source for size of the force and the division by states is here:

and here

As for what percentage of the force is college educated, I would say it's rather high. Officers have to have a certain amount of college credits, and many soldiers use the semester of college option during reenlistement. And has already been pointed out, college is almost essential now to career progression.

As for the change in reelistment bonuses, I can only site my personal experience, that 11B were no longer being offered cash incentives to reenlist.

Other sources:,15240,82094,00.html?

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

No problem Jay. I really didn't feel a need to prove myself, but hell, why not cite my sources, although I'm not going to go looking for things that I didn't post about in the first place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't disputing your numbers. I just wanted to know where you got them. According to what you've cited compared with Census data: The South provides 42% of the military but contains 36% of the U.S. population. The Northeast provides 14% of the military but contains 18% of the population. The Midwest and the Pacific-West provide military members in direct proportion to their populations.

Recruiting standards have been relaxed significantly, and except for homosexuals the policies on discharging military members for non-performance or other reasons have been made less strict. Also, the age limits for new recruits have been raised, and there have been significant bonuses paid for referrals and re-enlistments.

27.7% of Americans 25 and older have a bachelor's degree or higher. A further 25.4% of the U.S. population 25 and older has either some college or a associates degree, typically two-year. The 25-year-old cutoff makes it somewhat difficult to compare to the military, which has a large cohort of people younger than 25.

That said, I'd be surprised if the average educational attainment of military members was anything close to the national average. It's true that, until recently, a high school disploma was required. But I believe that's no longer true, and as you have more states imposing statewide testing requirements before diplomas are issued I think it you'll see a truer picture emerge.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Educational attainment

Census numbers

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

The point being that less than half the members in the military are from the South. While it's true that the military has a higher percentage of people from the South than the nation as a whole, the line that the military is made up of southerners is proveably not true.

As for a college diploma, I'm sorry, but a college degree doesn't make you smart. I've known plenty of people with college degrees that couldn't work a GPS, or figure out how to plot a 10, 8 or hell even 6 digit grid. Hell, I'm sure Rep. Murtha has a college degree, and the man thinks we could base troops on Okinawa and still be able to respond to threats in Iraq.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well then maybe we should close all the schools, huh, Jumper?

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

I'm not saying that, and honestly, that's a rather ridiculous and infantile way to look at my comment. You said

" That said, I'd be surprised if the average educational attainment of military members was anything close to the national average."

Now to me, and I could be wrong, you were insinuating that because MAYBE(no actual data) the average level of schooling was lower in the Military, that soldiers aren't as smart. I'm simply saying that a college degree doesn't automatically mean you're smarter, or more equipped to deal with problems, or have a more realistic view of the world than someone without one. But of course that goes back to the elitist attitude that many left wing college grads have towards the Military in general.

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

In fact, the whole college argument is rather specious anyway. The reason the military uses the high school grad standard, which again, is far above the civilian population, is because it's made up of a large percentage of 17-24 years olds. I would be interested to know how many people in the civilian population of that same age have some college education. I think that soldiers 25 and older may actually be quite close to the civilian population. At the very least the military is made up of around 85% enlisted, 15% officers. Since officers have to have at least some college(60 credits for OCS last I checked) that would mean that at least 15% of military personnel have some college. Add to that the soldiers that reenlisted for some college, and the E-8's and E9's that basically have to have a degree to advance to that level now, and I'd say you'd be pretty darn close to the national average.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now to me, and I could be wrong, you were insinuating that because MAYBE(no actual data) the average level of schooling was lower in the Military, that soldiers aren't as smart.
I'm going to tell you what my father once told me: Never assume anything. I have no idea whether or not military personnel are as smart as the general population, but I doubt they are as educated.

On the brainpower issue, you can be sure the military knows exactly how smart their troops are, because the ASVAB test is a proxy for I.Q.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're correct about the lack of data. It may well be that military members 25 and old are as well-educated as the general population, but I'd be surprised if for no other reason than that the military's pay is uncompetitive at the college-grad level and especially at the grad school level.

Yes, I know there are rewards other than money, i.e., "psychic income." But you see similar things happen in the civilian world, where a percentage of highly educated people take jobs whose pay isn't commensurate with what they could earn if they put compensation higher on the priority list.

As for the elite schools being left-wing hotbads, yadda yadda yadda, I can tell you that this certainly isn't the case at the business and law schools, yet you don't see many of their grads head toward the services. Why? Check the starting salaries.

And even with the undergrads of the dreaded elite schools, i.e., Harvard and the rest, I don't think its left-wingism that's at play but rather money. Harvard costs almost $50K a year. Now how many kids (their parents, actually) do you think are going to fork over $200,000 and then go into one of the services as an O-1?

Say whatever you want about the evil Harvard, Stanford, U of Chicago and the rest, but those students' mommas didn't raise no fools.

Blogger Combat Jump Star said...

"I'm going to tell you what my father once told me: Never assume anything. I have no idea whether or not military personnel are as smart as the general population, but I doubt they are as educated."

And you don't see the irony in this little statement?

As far as testing, that might be how the defense department knows that nearly two thirds of its recruits are drawn from the top half of America in math and verbal aptitude.

Notice I never said elite schools were leftist. West Point is one of the most Elite schools in the nation. I said many college grads have an elitist attitude(which you seem to be displaying). There's a difference.

As for raising fools, there is just the slightest possibility that some people join the military for other than financial gain. Patriotism maybe? Lust for adventure? They want to blow stuff up? But again, this pretty much displays the elitist attitude. "You're a fool not to follow the money. You could do so much more than just be a dumb army guy" Basically you're helping to prove my point here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you don't see the irony in this little statement?

Maybe you should have spent more time in school. You'd have learned the difference between speculating and assuming.

As far as testing, that might be how the defense department knows that nearly two thirds of its recruits are drawn from the top half of America in math and verbal aptitude.

That really doesn't tell us very much.

I said many college grads have an elitist attitude (which you seem to be displaying). There's a difference.

Exactly how am I displaying an elitist attitude? You really seem to read a lot into statements.

As for raising fools, there is just the slightest possibility that some people join the military for other than financial gain. Patriotism maybe? Lust for adventure? They want to blow stuff up? But again, this pretty much displays the elitist attitude. "You're a fool not to follow the money. You could do so much more than just be a dumb army guy" Basically you're helping to prove my point here.

You really ought to read what I write, and then think about it. There are plenty of non-monetary reasons to join the military. From the people I've known who went in, the most common are: Family tradition; boredom, aimlessness or dissatisfaction with civilian life; financial pressure; traumatic personal circumstances, i.e., broke up with girlfriend and want to get mind off of it.

I think for most recruits, patriotism is pretty far down the list. I'd compare that one to the spec sheet on a car. Ask someone why they bought the new wheels and they'll rattle off the specs because it sounds better than the real reason, which is "I want the sucker!"

As for being a "fool not to follow the money," I'm not saying that in general but really only with respect to the elite schools. And "fool" is the wrong word, in spite of my having used a colloquial phrase about someone's momma not raising no fool. Let's just say that it's an idiosyncratic soul who'd fork over 200 large for a top-end college and then take a job for $36,000 a year as a second looie.

Yes, it happens. And every so often, a meteor or at least a chunk of blue ice from the toilet of a passing jet lands in someone's backyard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, the link to The Onion is a response to your denigration of education. Have fun at that uneducated doctor's office, y'all hear?

Blogger jay stevens said...

I am about 8 hours out of sync with the U.S. so I am going to work backwards.

I looked back through the thread and Ididn't see anyone education. The problem is not uneducated doctors. The problem is incompetent doctors. If it weren't, malpractice insurance would not be so expensive. (I admit that scientifically illiterate juries contribute to the problem.)

The Ivy League schools do lean toward libralism. Harvard banns military recruiters - ostensively because on the military's on gays.

The liberal attitude of "Trust us. We know what's best for you." IS elitist.

Harvard has a Veteran's Association. That means that there are ex-military smart enough to be admitted.

Years ago on Fort Bliss, TX, I knew a captain who chose EOD because he did like to blow things up. (EOD people throw good parties. Only people better that I know of are the Seals. They throw great parties.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The liberal attitude of "Trust us. We know what's best for you." IS elitist.

When someone gives their opinions and advances their political agenda, they're always going to be vulnerable to this accusation. Do you really believe that the arrogance you site is limited to liberals? How about the Republicans who want to ban abortion, shove homosexuals back into the closet and tell people that they can't die until some whack-job Bible thumper says it's okay?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back to the topic. Here's an example of the military reducing standards for recruits. In the past year, it has raised the maximum age from 35 to 42.

Now let's be frank. What sort of person enters the Army at that stage in life. Take a look.

And this from The Washington Post:

"WASHINGTON — The Army National Guard, which has suffered a severe three-year recruiting slump, has begun to reel in soldiers in record numbers, aided in part by a new initiative that pays Guard members $2,000 for each person they enlist."

How about the growing use of non-citizens in the U.S. military? I think the Roman Empire tried that one in its later years.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note: The two stories from The Seattle Times will require you to register to view their archives. Registration is free. The one story is about a guy in his late 30s who's essentially drifting through life and now figures he'll join the army. The other one is about how an increasing number of U.S. Army recruits are non-citizens from Mexico.

Blogger jay stevens said...

"Do you really believe that the arrogance you site is limited to liberals?"

Of course not. But I do think that liberals are worse. Some of my examples in no particular order:

Activist judges making rulings based on international law - not in the Constitution.

Environmentalism attracts liberals like honey attracts flies. "Oh, no", you say, "Jay is in favor of pollution." No. Ecology is a science. Environmentalism is a political movement.

The problems with the recent rulings on eminent domain. You have mostly liberal state and local governments telling you they can take your land for private use.

Anything involving Second Amendment rights and gun control.

Multiculturalism in its various forms.

It's 11 PM here. I have to go.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, but it seems to me that the eminent domain rulings came from a Supreme Court with a solid Republican majority. Environmentalism? Some of the most active one are hunters, who are interested in habitat conservation. You know all that wetlands protection stuff that the wingnuts get pissed off about? Blame it on Ducks Unlimited, those commies.

Gun control: I will debate almost anything on the Internet, but I refuse to debate gun control. Not because I lack an opinion, but because gun control debates are the Internet equivalent of flesh-eating bacteria, destroying everything in its path.

What is "multiculturalism?" I mean, if it's a complaint that Mexican immigrants speak Spanish, well, I have two answers. First, maybe there should be a whole lot more ESL classes. Second, as the son of a woman who entered first grade speaking German in a city that once had 12 German-language newspapers, I'm not too inclined to piss on immigrants who speak Spanish. I guess that makes me a commie. So be it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe by multiculturalism you mean a tendency to not devote enough study to the literary classics of the Western cultural tradition. I would agree.

For instance, Aesop's Fables are part of that canon, and it has occurred to me that if more American wingnuts (and perhaps the occasional Canuckian wingnut) would read this little ditty about George W., we'd all be better off.

Blogger jay stevens said...

My internet connection here is less than reliable.

Brief comments:
Eminent domain and the makeup of the Supreme Court - sloppy research on my part. Mea culpa.

Habitat conservation - good stuff, generally. Call it enlightened self-interest.

Second Amendment and gun control. I agree with you. There's usually no middle ground.

Multiculturalism - Other cultures are not valueless, but neither are they all of equal value.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with rank-ordering cultural value is that it quickly leads in directions recently shown to be hazardous.

Anonymous Howdy said...

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